The concept of the local Luku building has a Greek Santorini nuance. Luku Lokal sells Greek donuts located in Yogyakarta.

Bali Tropical House - CHARICHARI

This architectural style tends to be applied in tropical areas with hot weather. This two-story house uses a lot of wood and natural stone materials and the combination of brown wood and white makes a minimalist look.

Ubud Bali Art Gallery - CHARICHARI

This art gallery building applies the concept of contemporary Balinese architecture, the art exhibition building must be able to accommodate art activities so that it attracts public interest in this modern era, the concept of this gallery building becomes a single unit where the architectural theme combines traditional and modern styles which can be in the form of a physical appearance. that can be touched or lifestyle, habits, aesthetic sensibility and ideas” that are difficult to touch and share from cultural and traditional aspects.

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